While Phelps Fan offers standard “catalog” design equipment, each order is reviewed by engineering staff to assure proper bearing sizing, loading, and life, and impeller construction. This practiced review, along with our Sales Engineers’ experience, and a company history dating back to 1915 make it unproblematic to custom design fan equipment to meet customer specific requirements while still retaining Phelps Fan’s standards and quality.

Custom designs include:

  • Retrofit to replace existing fan equipment – Making dimensional changes as required to meet existing mounting and interface.

  • Adjustment of standard dimensions and geometry in order to fit into tight locations.

  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steels and exotic alloys – Duplex alloys, Nickel alloys, Chromium Nickel, Hastelloy Alloys, Aluminum, Naval Brass, and Titanium alloys.

  • Wear resistant alloys – AR plate material (300, 400, & 450 BHN and higher), Chromium and Tungsten Carbide, and Abrasalloy.

  • Extra thick plate or liners for additional protection.

  • Optional Gas Tungsten Arc welding of special alloys for best corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

  • Coatings: Corrosion and wear resistant coatings, or special color paints.

  • High Temperature construction

  • Clamshell openings or hinged doors for ease of maintenance and inspection.

  • Varying widths and diameters as required to meet performance requirements at the optimum point of a fan’s efficiency.

  • Custom bearing types as desired by customer in order satisfy storeroom requirements.

  • Multi-Level Quality Assurance: Flexible enough for NQ-1, if required, including available QC-1 weld inspection to meet the most demanding specifications.