Practice Safety

A Harmless Activity.

We want users of our fans to feel good about them. And feel good around them. So, in addition to making safe fans, we offer recommendations to ensure the safe operation of our fans.

AMCA Publication 410-90: “Recommended Safety Practices for Users and Installers of Industrial and commercial Fans.” is intended to assist installers, maintainers, and users of air moving devices in the safe operation of these products.

Contact us for a free copy of these guidelines. We provide it so you may follow the appropriate methods and procedures to your operation.

Phelps Fans are routinely used in industrial processes involving hazardous environments.  Accordingly, we engineer and manufacture them with exceptional care, so, when properly installed, maintained and used, they provide safe, dependable operation over a long, useful work-life.

For users of our fans, individual safety will depend upon the exercise of the reasonable care and caution required when working in the presence of systems or conditions involving machinery with moving parts.

The booklet, AMCA 410-90, offers guidelines to assist you in the safe installation of air moving equipment and to warn operation and maintenance personnel of the commonly recognized hazards associated with this equipment. This information, along with manufacturer’s recommendation, OSHA requirements, industry safety standards and good common sense, should be very beneficial in helping you establish safe procedures and practices to preserve personnel.

Remember, safety is no accident.  If you practice safety every day, it becomes a harmless activity.  Pay attention to equipment condition, and heed nameplate ratings and warning stickers.  Based on specific design information, speed and temperature ratings could vary from published values. Consult Phelps Fan for ratings on specific fan equipment.

Download our Safety First PDF.